* 1943

Renate Bertlmann is one of the pioneering feminist artists in Austria. She looks back on 50 years of art making, text production and material collection. Since the 1970s, Bertlmann has tirelessly exhibited patriarchal domination in bizarre forms. The phallus, condoms and breasts are among the recurring motifs of Bertlmann's aesthetic. In addition to installations and performances, the artist has also created a versatile oeuvre of drawings.

Renate Bertlmann used the fragmented body, distorted to the point of bizarreness, in her work. In one of her drawings, an udder and a heart blend into each other, creating a fusion of love, nourishment, and disgust. The artist always approached the human body, ideals of beauty, and the art establishment in an ironic way.

Renate Bertlmann lives and works in Vienna.