1938 - 2022

Hermann Nitsch is regarded as the most important initiator of Viennese Actionism. As early as in 1957, he developed the concept of the Orgies-Mysteries Theater (OMT), a project based on the idea of realizing a synthesis of the arts, incorporating painting, architecture and music. Its goal is – just like in Greek mystery rituals – a catharsis (purification). This idea has dominated the artist’s creative work down to the present day.

Hermann Nitsch’s poured paintings are painterly signs of sensual archaic sensations. In their perception, language can be traced back to the cry, music to sound and painting to the spilling of color. The elementary sensual stimulation, evoked by splashing, splattering and smearing, corresponds to the actions with flesh, blood and entrails. Nitsch’s art thrives on the power of the visible and the sensually tangible, presented in an effervescent and explosive drama.