DOUBLE PROJECTION - Elisabeth Plank & Josef Ramaseder

February 24, 2023

The exhibition DOUBLE PROJECTION brings together the works of Elisabeth Plank and Josef Ramaseder with their different painterly approaches. The two artists were connected by a decades-long friendship, and yet they pursued divergent paths in painting. While Plank traverses the elementary vocabulary of the painting process in a permanent exploratory movement, Ramaseder deconstructs painting conceptually – but using painterly means. A juxtaposition of these two artistic positions is presented for the first time at Galerie Ruberl.

DOUBLE PROJECTION - Elisabeth Plank & Josef Ramaseder
March 23 to April 21, 2023

Opening: March 23, 2023, 6 to 8 pm
Artist talk: April 13, 2023, 6 pm