May 10, 2023

Baselitz · Förg · Rainer

In the exhibition DRUCKGRAFIK the works of Georg Baselitz, Günther Förg and Arnulf Rainer meet with their different realisation of graphic art forms.

As early as the 1960s, Georg Baselitz used the graphic's own materiality and effect to translate the motifs of his painted pictures, especially the aggressive iconography of his early paintings, into graphic signs, thus shifting attention from the content to the process of finding form.

In his painterly work, Günther Förg resists the preceding orthogonality of avant-gardists such as Modrian or later Sol LeWitt and moves in the interplay between composed order and informal independence. The use of colours and forms, such as grid compositions and abstract representations of nature and landscape, are also characteristic of his prints.

For Arnulf Rainer, drypoint is the optimal way to express his constant search for perfection. He uses the same plate again and again until he reaches the possible complete obscuration.